Periodontics is the area of dentistry which deals with the treatment of periodontal tissues (gums, bone around the teeth). Periodontal disease affects a number of people.

The first stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis that occurs when plaque remains on teeth. The symptoms include painful swollen bleeding gums. Toxins are multiplied by deposition of dental plaque and they can cause bone disease around the teeth.   


Periodontal therapy can be:

1.conservative (non-surgical)-ultrasonic removal of tartar and soft layers, treatment of the periodontal pocket, restoring carious teeth, orthodontic treatment.

Ultrasonic removal of dental plaque is the method used to remove the solid deposits from the teeth and at the same time pathogenic microorganisms are removed. Tooth surface becomes smooth and therefore re-accumulation of bacteria is prevented.

2.surgical-gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, gingival surgical procedures …
Surgical methods are used in advanced stages of periodontal disease. 

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